by Tissa Amarasekera (2001/11/21)

Born on 1  November 1886 Ananda was the child of a re-awakening movement. A movement spear-headed by the sinhala budhist aided by foriegn theosophists to face the Colonial  rulers , Christian Missionaries and their local converts’ threat and conspiracy to suppress buddhism in Sri Lanka and to curb the aspiration of Sinhala Buddhists. The leading members of the Buddhist clergy , laity and those from the alien soils were in this movement. They founded the Buddhist English School at the Maliben Street Pettah. No sooner through the pionership of Col. H S Olcott and the patronage of Buddhist philanthrophists Ananda was born at the .present location.

I should not forget the significant role played by Col.S H Olcot in this movement says a former Principal of Ananda, A foreigner championing the cause of Buddhist education was a factor that reinforced the moral courage of the people in the movement.

Col. Olcot reminds us of the establishment of the Buddhist Theosophical Society, whose primary aim in the country was the promotion of Buddhist education. This organisation shall never pass unnoticed when ever Ananda looks back to her past, for it was this institution that watched the destinies of the school for over seven decades until it was vested in the Government.

From small begginings it steadily grew to be a giant in the Educational world of Sri lanka.
As an educational institute today it is one of the leading institutions of the country. Not only in the enrolement which is over 6000 but in the field of intellectual activity, sports and other branches of educational development. Ananda stands at the top in the national scene. 

Present day society is passing through a rappid change. Schools cannot claim to be immune from the changes affecting the society as a whole. I  firmly believe Ananda College is sufficiently equipped to cope with this situation and ultimately victorious says the  Principal who held the chair when Ananda was 100 years old.


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